In Syria!!

In Syria, cruelty is tarnishing and humanity is ashamed of its literal implications, the silent humanism of the world is giving humanity an opportunity to be blooded, subjects such as country / caste / religion always become secondary to humanity, have become secondary There are also, but all humanist organizations in Syria seem to be carrying an unconscious state while acquiring a silent state, from the twitter In the painted pictures, the children who were killed by childlessness were not obstructed in the path of any power / power; the death of such infidel children as accepting divine form while acquiring power due to such a devastating killer ruler global silence Doing / doing, dealing with the inhuman people, this dishonesty is disgusting and condemnable, please raise human voice against each level on this issue. Try to protect, every obscure child in the world is entitled to live her life, we will always oppose her abrogation of this right, praying and praying for Syrian children by being inspired by this idea.- PKVishvamitra

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    This is happening for the long time. Like I don’t watch India media because all they show is bullshit inspired by rat race of trp and fakeness. While the truth is so evident and ebbing fervently. In the world where the rulers are concealing truth and fooling masses. And subliminally mind washing youth through entertainment media. #wakeup #read.
    Realize the Real God. That’s the main agenda of them to fake enlightenment under the garb of money.. But it’s not too late… It’s evident on their forehead. We must see it.
    Please, do read this.

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  2. Syria is a classic example of neocolonialism.Iran, Russia and Hezbollah support the Syrian government militarily, with Russia conducting air operations in support of the government since September 2015. On the other hand, the U.S.-led international coalition established in 2014 with a declared purpose of countering ISIL, have conducted airstrikes against ISIL in Syria as well as against government and pro-government targets.
    Ultimately it’s the citizens of the country who suffer.

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